The Broadcast Spectrum Repack
Concluded July 3, 2020

Stay Tuned for Future Changes Coming to Local TV Stations

The government process that required TV stations across the country to change frequencies ended on July 3.

You can make sure you've kept all your local channels by rescanning your TV now. Some stations may still be completing technical work, which may impact your ability to access those channels. If you rescanned your TV and still can't receive the channel, check your local stations' website and social media pages for information.

Click here to find out if a local station in your area is continuing to work on completing its transition.

When are Stations Moving?

See which stations are still at work.

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Learn How to Rescan Your TV

Learn how to rescan your TV.

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Which Stations Are Still Working on the Transition?

Click the button below to find out if a local station in your area is still working to complete its transition.

Stations Continuing Their Transition

How to Rescan

Rescanning is when your TV finds all of the available channels in your area. If you haven't rescanned your TV recently, you may discover TV channels that you didn't know you were missing.

View this web tutorial to learn how to rescan your TVs and converter boxes to prepare for stations' frequency moves. Click the button below for rescanning instructions.

How to Rescan

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